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Ancient cult orgies

Her orgiastic cult dominated the central and north-western regions of Anatolia and was introduced to Greece via the island of Samothrake and the Boiotian town of Thebes. In sculpture she was depicted as a matronly woman with a turret-crown, seated on a throne flanked by lions. They were closely connected with the Orgies of the god Dionysos, whose Phrygian counterpart, Sabazios, was described as a son of the goddess. The Phrygian Orgia were overseen by eunuch priests called Gallai who led devotees in nocturnal mountain rites involving much drinking, and frantic dancing accompanied by the music of rattles, kettledrums, flutes and castenets and the ritual cry "evoe saboe," "hyes attes, attes hyes.
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Ancient cult orgies
Ancient cult orgies
Ancient cult orgies
Ancient cult orgies
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Orgy: Orgy in the Ancient Mediterranean World | TalkingPortraitsProductions.com

Archaeologists in Milan have uncovered the shattered remains of a young man believed to have been broken on a wheel of torture. In Scotland, one of the largest Pictish cemeteries ever found has been uncovered by archaeologists. It is believed to be at least years old. One site which should not be missed is the remarkable Capitolium of Brescia. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.
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Why the Idea of “Roman Orgies” Is a Complete Misconception

Orgia may have been earlier manifestations of cult than the formal mysteries, as suggested by the violently ecstatic rites described in myth as celebrated by Attis in honor of Cybele and reflected in the willing self-castration of her priests the Galli in the historical period. The orgia of both Dionysian worship and the cult of Cybele aim at breaking down barriers between the celebrants and the divinity through a state of mystic exaltation: [6]. Initiates of the Orphic and Bacchic orgia practiced distinctive burial customs see Totenpass expressive of their beliefs in an afterlife ; for instance, it was forbidden for the dead to wear wool. The participation of women in orgia , which in some manifestations was exclusive to women, sometimes led to prurient speculation and attempts to suppress the rites. In BC, the Roman senate tried to ban Dionysian religion as subversive both morally and politically.
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For decades, ancient Rome has been associated in the popular imagination with orgies. The problem is that there is no good evidence that orgies were ever at all common in ancient Rome. In fact, we do not even have a single reliable, first-hand, nonfiction account of one; all we have are salacious rumors, propaganda, and works of erotic fiction. The story of how we all came to believe in Roman orgies, however, is truly bizarre and fascinating.
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